Travel Insurance tips and why you should never leave home without it!

We were honoured when The Insurance Institute of Ireland approached Fellis Travels for an interview and to be featured in their fabulous quarterly ‘Insider’ magazine. Headquartered in Dublin, the institute provides high level training and development to the Irish insurance industry and have done for over 130 years! Woah… experts or what? Their goal is to educate and inspire professionals with skills and knowledge to build and develop successful careers, protect their customers and encourage industry progress.

Travel insurance helps protect against the unexpected, yet this is overlooked by many and travellers tend not to take out travel insurance because of the expense, but trust me, we’ve witnessed too many horror stories and this expense is priceless! Your life is priceless right?

You’ll probably find yourself asking which travel insurance is the best? Why buy travel insurance and how much travel insurance do I need? Is travel insurance worth it? How much is travel insurance and where do I buy travel insurance? This interview will answer all those burning insurance questions!

1# Congratulations on your wedding! What are your current travel plans and where have you already visited?

Thanks! After we said I DO in November 2018 ( here you can check out our featured wedding), we jetted off on our travel-moon the following week, starting in India. We spent 6 weeks travelling from Goa to Mumbai and continuing up through the northern states, celebrating Christmas at a Desert Safari and camel riding across dunes, before seeing the New Year in Jaipur. We continued visiting countries in Asia such as Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and currently Vietnam.

Indian Desert Safari
Trekking the Himalayas – Poon Hill

We plan to visit Cambodia and Laos by scooter, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Australia for Christmas and New Year with friends.

2# What were the main things you had to think about before purchasing your travel insurance?

The biggest thing was ensuring all the countries we planned to visit would be covered under one policy. The next was covering any activities we were likely to be doing such as kayaking in the Mekong River, trekking the Himalayas, rock climbing in Vietnam and bike touring a number of loops in Laos.

Also period of cover. We investigated long term travel cover but you can’t predict what might happen in a year so we decided to go with an annual policy.

Kayaking in Cambodia here
Check out our bike adventures in Thailand here

3# Would you normally take out travel insurance? 

As seasoned travellers, we always ensure we are fully covered no matter what type of trip we are taking; European city break, international festival, outdoor activity break. Normally we are both covered in the EU by Sam’s bank policy with Natwest.

4# What made you choose your current provider?

Holidaysafe Travel Insurance had the best all-round cover for the countries we were visiting and value for money.

5# What were the main things you needed cover for?

Health and medical assistance in an emergency. We are participating in outdoor pursuits and if either of us were to be injured and require urgent medical assistance, it was important we were insured for the highest travel coverage. 

As we are travelling to remote locations and therefore in an emergency may need transportation to get us out of danger zones to the nearest hospital i.e air ambulance we ensured transportation costs were included under our travel insurance policy.

We are remote working and blogging while travelling and carrying quite a bit of equipment with us i.e electronics, laptops, gadgets, cameras and our bags. Whether your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged, it could get expensive to replace all the contents, so insuring our possessions was also important.

6# What made you take out cover for this particular trip? 

We wouldn’t dream of leaving the UK without it! We know a few people who have had accidents without taking out any travel insurance cover (road and sleepwalking accidents), they’re horror stories actually. Some countries will not operate on you without cover or without paying thousands of pounds in expenses. I’ve witnessed families raising money to get their loved ones back home for urgent medical attention.

7# Have you had to add anything to your policy and if so how did you do it?

No we haven’t. We checked before taking out the policy if we could easily add any additional items and Holidaysafe are flexible enough to allow amendments to our policy. We plan to snowboard at some point so we will definitely add that to our travel policy, probably in Japan.

8# Have you had to claim for anything yet?

Luckily we haven’t, touch wood! 

9# What advice would you give anyone thinking about travel cover?

BUY IT! Make sure you get the top-level cover, your health and speedy response times to get you out of awkward places is priceless. Make sure you keep yourself safe, wear helmets in extreme sports, while riding a scooter/motorbike and take advantage of life jackets. Even though some countries don’t quite follow the level of Health and Safety we’re used to, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either.

You can purchase these dusk masks here

10# Where can we find out more about your travels?

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