Lauren here, or Lozza, Fellis… whatever you want to call me is absolutely fine, oh and that’s my favourite party hat up there! I’m a short ass northern lass, born right out of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I adore landscape photography, roll my eyes when I sip espresso coffee and miss my Maine Coon cat more than anything back home. My passion is storytelling through photography… but now I want to give you all the travel truths.

One week after saying ‘I Do’ we packed up our house, said torturous goodbyes to Oona and launched our backpacks over our shoulders, throwing ourselves in the deep end. If you can survive in India, you can survive anywhere in the world right?

We love to experience new cultures, sample weird and wonderful cuisines, track down natural wonders and climb mountains for awesome scenery, chase the reddest sunsets and seek out the best coffee!

My goal is to inspire those who have the urge to travel but haven’t taken the plunge. I want to show you how possible the seemingly-impossible can be. Travelling is easy these days, the toughest part is making the decision, taking the plunge and leaving family and friends behind.  

Travelling is facing your fears, opening your mind and heart and being pushed out your comfort zone. Learning lessons and harsh realities whilst developing the best version of yourself. And most importantly, having the best time ever, every single day!

What I’ve learned so far on this journey is that travelling isn’t about becoming someone new, or changing who you are… it’s about unbecoming all the bad habitats picked up in today’s society and being the person you were meant to be.

Everything you read or imagery you see in my posts has been created by Fellis Travels, using the Olympus OMD E-M10 2. This camera is sick! I reckon I’m going to need a lot of coffee for this because we have soooo many adventures to share with you… feel free to treat me to a brew on the road!